With our punch-laser combination machine and the punch nibbling machine, we have the opportunity to manufacture any type of punched parts. From simple sheet metal cutting to perforated sheet metal to complicated components with special shapes such as ventilation gills, rolled beads and bridges.

We work fully automatically thanks to the integrated high rack connection and the automatic tool changing device. The machine automatically fetches the specified sheet metal and stores the punched blanks in the high rack without the operator having to intervene. "Unmanned" production on weekends or during the night is possible.


max. board length: 3000 mm

max. board width: 1500 mm

max. sheet thickness aluminum: up to 4 mm

max. sheet thickness of mild steel: up to 6 mm

max. sheet thickness stainless steel: up to 6 mm



  • Sweat humps
  • Centering lugs
  • Ventilation gills
  • Drafts
  • Beads
  • Roll beads
  • Thread forming
  • Thread penetrations
  • small edges / tabs
  • Hinges
  • Rolling heels


  • stanzen-1
  • stanzen-10
  • stanzen-4
  • stanzen-5
  • stanzen-6
  • stanzen-7
  • stanzen-8
  • stanzen-9