Quality control

With modern manufacturing and testing facilities, such as a stationary 3D measuring machine, a mobile 3D measuring system and extensive measuring tools, we meet your quality requirements.

Our quality shows:

  • in the pursuit of flawless work
  • in being close to our customers, in customer-oriented problem solving and in comprehensive advice and support.
  • in the qualifications of our employees, their positive attitude, their open-mindedness, their ideas and their commitment.
  • in the precision, individuality and diversity of our product range.
  • in the flexibility of our production, changing at short notice
  • in setting customer specifications.
  • in the demands we place on our suppliers.
  • in the continuous improvement of our products, for the benefit of both sides



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Welding permits

We are qualified for:

  • Manufacturer qualification for welding steel structures in accordance to DIN EN 1090 EXC 2
  • Manufacturer qualification for welding aluminum structures DIN EN 1090 EXC 2
  • Process test in accordance to DIN EN ISO 15614-11: 2002-10 and test in accordance to EN 1418-v- for process 151 fully automated laser welding
  • Welding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts certification level CL1 in accordance to DIN EN 15085-2




Adhesive approval

We are certified:

For gluing rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles DIN 6701-2