We bring sheet metal into the third dimension on the latest CNC-controlled press brakes. We edging with a pressing force of up to 600 tons and a length of up to 6,000 mm. With a complex range of tools, we solve almost any edging task. CNC-controlled bending aids enable uniform bending with the highest precision. On our special press brake with a large installation height, housings up to 500 mm box size can be edged with extra long special tools. All folds can be checked for feasibility using a simulation program.


  • Max. Bending length 6,000 mm
  • Max. Pressing force 600 t
  • Max. Box height 550 mm


Application examples:

  • abkanten-1
  • abkanten-2
  • abkanten-3
  • abkanten-4
  • abkanten-5